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Membership Application

Welcome to RR scanlation~ After the long hiatus and discussion we decide to change from open to moderated membership. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Please read our rules and leave a comment here~
Beforehand there is a few thing that you must know~
  1. Most of our doujinshi is yaoi
  2. Most of the doujinshi that was or going to scanlated will be uke!Ohno.
If you fine with the two thing above then click Join button and wait for the approval.  we're happy to welcome you ♥

Note: I fix the problem so people should be able to comment
Ramen Lover~

Welcom to RR Scanlation

Hi There! Welcome to our scanlation group. This group is dedicated to do a scanlation of Arashi doujin~

Few Thing and Rules:
  1. Members are required to access our downloads.
  2. Don't share anywhere, that includes Aarin, Emule, Other Communities, Anywhere.
  3. NO re-uploading anywhere else! like You tube.
  4. If there is someone who want to download the doujin but doesn't know about this community please link back here.
  5. No Re-scanlation (for now).
  6. Please support the artists if you like the books (by buy the doujin).
  7. Please tell us if there is any problem with the download.
  8. Please comment if taking.. because we love SPAM ♥
All the scanlation will have a watermark, because we want to prevent people who steal a scanlation (by Removing the credit page and claiming it as his/her own)  

Please read the rules and things above. Buying the doujin need a money and Scanlating them need a time so we'll be very happy if you follow our rules. For all of you who read and follow them, we say Thank you very much! and a big hug!.

Lets spread a Ohno-uke Arashi Love~~~

After a few discussions we decide to make this Community Member-locked. This is only for security~ Because we use other people doujinshi. so Join to see our Scanlation1